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About Burnshield Dressings

A unique versatile foam dressing provides essential immediate treatment and protection within the first critical 24 hours, following a burn - ideal for small skin surfaces.

  • The dressing is saturated with a sterile, water-based gel which is non-toxic, non-irritant and does not contain any fats or greases

  • It moisturises the burn area, and soothing tea-tree oils cool the skin thereby minimising trauma or tissue damage

  • It is non-adhesive and can be removed with cool water or saline solution without causing discomfort

  • For use on 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree burns – including facial burns and scalds. Apply directly to the wound and cover with a protective bandage

The Emergency Services have used Burnshield for over 20 years, giving you peace of mind that Burnshield really is the perfect product to treat skin burns effectively.


How to apply

 Remove the dressing from the package and apply it on the burn

 Secure the dressing with a non-adherent bandage

 If the dressing needs rehydrating then apply Burnshield Hydrogel


Sizes available

Large Limbs20cm x 20cm
Torso/ Back60cm x 40cm
Limb/Neck5cm x 1m
Small Surface10cm x 10cm



1% Melaleuca alt. (Tea Tree Oil), 96% Purified Water, Gelling Gent, Polyurethane Open Cell Foam


A portable Burnshield hydrogel 125ml bottle of sterile burn relief spray for treatment of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree burns and sunburn. Burnshield hydrogel contains tea-tree oil, quickly cooling a burn area and forming a protective barrier. This hydrogel can be sprayed directly onto burnt skin or used to re-hydrate burn dressings.

Burnshield hydrogel burn spray is the best burn spray for all burns, including sunburn. Available in portable 125ml and pocket-sized 50ml bottles, this specially formulated Burnshield hydrogel quickly soothes and cools a burnt area.

It’s the best burn relief spray to use on burns or scalds and has been used by NHS Emergency Services to treat burn victims for over twenty years.  Designed to be sprayed directly onto burnt skin or used alongside Burnshield Dressings, the hydrogel protects the wound, keeping it sterile and hydrated.

Burnshield Hydrogel: Features and Benefits

Available in 125ml and 50ml burn relief spray bottles, Burnshield hydrogel has many features and benefits. 

  • This versatile product is suitable for treating 1st, 2nd and 3rd-degree burns and scalds, including sunburn. 
  • It is non-toxic, non-irritant, and is suitable for use on children.
  • High water content aids continuous heat dissipation.
  • The hydrogel dries clear, making it easier to assess the wound.
  • Easy spray application promotes speed in an emergency, providing complete coverage of the burn wound and easy access to hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Designed for application directly onto skin as well as for use over burn dressings, keeping the covered area hydrated without the need to remove dressings for additional application. 
  • A key Burnshield ingredient, sterile, all-natural tea-tree oil reduces the risk of infection and provides a continuous cooling and soothing effect, aiding pain relief and healing.
  • Burnshield hydrogel is viscous and non-adherent, reducing the risk of attaching to the wound while covering and protecting the burn area.
  • Safe to use on all burns caused by contact with fire, scalds from liquid or steam, thermal contact, exposure to harmful chemicals, electrical burns, and radiation exposure.

When to Use Burnshield Hydrogel Spray

This first aid burn spray is suitable for all burns or scalds, whether minor or severe. It can be used to treat superficial and partial-thickness burns, sunburn, difficult to get-to areas, and rehydration of dressings. Burn injuries are time-critical, so it is essential to cool a burn wound down as soon as it is safe, always within the first 24 hours of the initial injury. 

Burnshield Hydrogel spray is designed for immediate use on a burnt area, reducing infection risk and further heat damage to burnt skin and tissue. When a patient suffers any burn or scald, swift treatment and applying Burnshield Hydrogel spray will aid healing and reduce pain symptoms by dissipating heat and protecting the wound.

This burn relief spray can also be sprayed over a burn dressing to moisten and hydrate a burn wound for 48 hours after initial treatment. The hydrogel’s naturally cooling effects are also suitable to treat minor burns such as sunburn. 

How to Use Burnshield Hydrogel Spray

When treating a burn wound with a Burnshield Hydrogel spray, these are simple steps to follow:

  • Remove any tight or restrictive items from the area, including jewellery or clothing.
  • Do not remove any items firmly stuck to the wound unless they are still hot or smouldering.
  • Do not burst any blisters on the burn area or disturb the wound.
  • Spray Burnshield Hydrogel liberally over the burn wound.
  • Ensure that the Burnshield Hydrogel goes beyond the surface area of the burn.
  • If the burn area is large, apply a Burnshield Dressing to the area and secure it with a bandage.
  • Continue to soak the dressing area with Burnshield Hydrogel. If the dressing is kept moist, it can remain in place for up to 48 hours.
  • Seek medical advice depending on the burn’s depth, size, and severity.

Burnshield Dressings & Treatments

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