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These iPAD defib pads can be used with the iPAD SP1 on both adults and children during an emergency, as the shock delivered will automatically change to suit the patient's needs, saving you precious seconds during a cardiac arrest emergency.

Benefits and Features of the iPAD SP1 Child and Adult Replacement Pads

  • Smart technology allows the iPAD SP1 multifunctional electrode pads to be used on both adults and children—no need to waste time finding the right pads or adjusting them for the casualty.
  • Protective foil packaging keeps the iPAD SP1 defib pads clean and hygienic, retains the essential adhesive quality, and protects them from damage.
  • Open the packet and access the pads in seconds with the pull tab.
  • Clear visual prompts on the packaging make it easy to place the iPAD CU-SP1 AED defibrillator pads in the right spot, even for those who’ve never done it before.
  • The pads deliver a lower joule output to ensure the treatment is safe for a child between one and eight years old.
  • The pads have a 2–3 year lifespan.

Who are the iPAD SP1 Child and Adult Replacement Pads for?

If you have an iPAD-SP1, we recommend these brand and device-compatible CU medical systems iPAD SP1 pads be added to your supplies after every use of the device. We also recommend keeping spare pads on-site, just in case.

It’s unlikely the pads on your device won’t work, but that’s not a situation anyone wants to be in. Order these as iPAD defibrillator replacement pads or as spares ready to use in the unlikely event that you don’t work or are out of date.

Electrode Pads, Std Disposable, Ipad Sp1 & Sp2 Aed

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