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BD Emerald Hypodermic Syringe - Luer Slip Concentric


Sizes 2ml, 5ml & 10ml



The BD Emerald Syringe For General Purpose Use—as well as the entire BD Emerald product line—has been produced in a more sustainable manner. Because its design has up to 30% less material than other syringes, it also helps to reduce waste disposal.

The Emerald syringe is a single use latex free non sterile syringe, for injection and infusion with key features:

Green colored stopper provides a greater contrast with scale markings

Designed and manufactured to reduce environmental impact

Up to 20% less material than BD Plastipak™ syringes to reduce raw material consumption

Clinical waste weight is reduced by 20%

Plant utilizes 100% of electricity from renewable sources

The BD Emerald Syringe For General Purpose Use complies with international performance standards.

BD's passion for ongoing improvement continues to raise the bar of product reliability and also assures that these syringes are:

CE marked

ISO 7886-1 and ISO 549 compliant

In addition, BD Emerald Syringes must meet over forty specific criteria before they are qualified for use.

This new general purpose syringe was inspired by BD's ongoing commitment to global health.

Because human health and a healthy environment are inseparable, BD is dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of safe, effective medical technology products that also help to reduce environmental impact.

Emerald Hypodermic Syringes - Luer Slip Concentric 2ml, 5ml & 10ml

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