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The best home first aid kit, with 70 items chosen by experts, to help you give first aid in all common accidents and emergencies. Protect yourself and those around you with the right supplies.


The best home first aid kit on the market. Trust a UK leader in first aid.

The home is the number one place where injuries occur in the UK, with an estimated annual number of 2.7 million people requiring professional medical attention after an accident. Keeping a first aid kit at home means treating an injury quickly, reducing the damage caused, accelerating recovery time, and even saving the casualty from a trip to the hospital altogether.

Our first aid kit for home use includes PPE and wound cleaning supplies, high-quality dressings, bandages, plasters, and other essentials like an instant ice pack and a foil blanket. The first aid kit for home is designed for untrained people to use, so no matter how much experience you have with giving first aid, you can still administer effective treatment.

This is the ideal family first aid kit to protect you and the ones you love. Order the best family first aid kit UK consumers can depend on here.

70 Piece First Aid Kit Home First Aid Medical Kit

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