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Latex-free cohesive bandage that stretches to conform to body contours, providing support and compression. It sticks to itself, but not to skin, clothes, or hair.


Non-slip, latex-free cohesive bandage that stretches to conform to body contours, providing consistent support and compression. Reduce swelling and promote healing with ease. 

Deciding on the right taping or strapping products to use to prevent, treat, or support injuries is essential. For compression and support, choose Steroban, the Steroplast elastic cohesive bandage trusted by professionals. 

Whether you need a cohesive support bandage to provide gentle, long-lasting compression or to support a tender or vulnerable joint during activity, the convenience of a self-adhesive cohesive bandage that sticks and holds to itself, not skin or hair, is hard to beat. Applying a cohesive bandage compression wrap is quick, straightforward, and will hold secure even when the wearer is moving around. 

Why wear a Steroplast Cohesive Bandage?

Long-lasting Support

Self-adherent cohesive bandage wrap should be your first choice when you need to secure something without adhesive, pins, extra taps, or glue. Perfect for holding shinpads or football socks in place, or ensuring dressings remain secure. 

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Cohesive bandage tape is ideal for wearers with sensitive skin. It doesn’t need adhesive to stay in place, so your skin comes into contact with no unnecessary chemicals and there’s no risk of irritation. A cohesive elastic bandage is designed to be flexible, stretching to conform to the body’s contours with ease, applying just the right amount of gentle pressure without sticking to skin or hair and ensuring breathability. 

Consistent Intermittent Compression

Cohesive bandage wrap can’t be beaten when it comes to compression. A cohesive compression bandage can be stretched to provide various levels of compression depending on the injury and has optimal recoil. 

Cohesive bandages are easy to remove and reapply in controlled intervals, which allows for highly effective intermittent compression. Simply unwrap the elastic cohesive bandage and wind it back around again when needed. No need to waste more tape.

Versatile and Mult-functional

A high-quality cohesive support bandage has many uses. It’s not only ideal as a cohesive sports bandage. 

Surgeons recommend patients use a cohesive conforming bandage for support and stability after surgical treatment, especially for recovering ankles or wrists. 

Self-cohesive bandage tape, sometimes referred to as ‘Vet tape’, is chosen by professional veterinarians to cover dressings on animals’ wounds or compress and protect their limbs. You’ll see vets use cohesive bandages for horses, dogs, cats, and many more animals in need of comfortable bandages that will remain secure.

To find out more about how the cohesive bandage can be useful in an animal first aid kit, check out our blog article on what should be included in a pets first aid kit

Benefits of Steroban Elastic Cohesive Bandage 

  • Versatile and easy-to-use cohesive sports bandage ideal for football, rugby, netball, cricket and hockey.
  • Premium cohesive compression bandage providing controlled, even compression for sprains and many other injuries.
  • Strong, high-stretch elastic makes it a flexible cohesive bandage that allows for comfortable, easy movement when worn.
  • Non-slip, latex-free coating ensures they are self-adherent cohesive wrap bandages that stay securely in place once applied.
  • Designed to be removed and reapplied when needed, cohesive bandages are long-lasting and great value for money. Cohesive bandage bulk orders offer even more savings without compromising on quality.
  • A self-adherent cohesive bandage requires no fastening pins, clips or tape to hold in place securely.
  • Tear this cohesive bandage easily by hand lengthways and widthways without the need for scissors, allowing for quick, practical application.
  • Each roll of cohesive bandage tape is individually wrapped for hygiene and safety.
  • Available in a choice of seven colours, including the popular red cohesive bandage or blue cohesive bandage options. Match your cohesive tape to your team kit without compromising on quality.
  • Choose your required cohesive bandage width ranging between 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm and 10cm widths for a wide range of applications. 
  • Stretches to a generous 4.5 metre length, so it will last for multiple applications.
  • These cohesive bandage’s rubber coating means they don’t stick to clothing, skin, or hair and are painless to remove. 
  • Ideal for sensitive skin with no need for underwrap.
  • CE marked for quality assurance.

Your Questions about Cohesive Bandages: Answered

Is cohesive bandage reusable?

Yes, if removed and re-stored carefully. Our cohesive support bandage tape is the only re-useable tape in the Steroplast range. It doesn’t contain glue, so it doesn’t attach to the wearer’s skin or hair. Because of this, it can be carefully removed, wound back around the reel, and reused at another time if needed, making it very cost-effective without compromising on quality. 

Can you wash cohesive bandage?

Yes, carefully. Because cohesive bandage tape only adheres to itself and doesn’t need an adhesive, it can, technically, be washed by hand and used again, offering the same strength and durability for multiple uses. 

Is cohesive bandage waterproof?

The exterior of our cohesive bandage is covered with a water-resistant coating which allows it to repel water whilst maintaining its breathability.


Cohesive Support Bandage width options:

Cohesive Bandage 2.5cm: 

Ideal for fingers and toes

Cohesive Bandage 5cm: 

Perfect for precise bandaging on vulnerable areas or as a long-lasting shin guard and sock wrap.

Cohesive Bandage 7.5cm: 

Ideal for compression of smaller joints and popular as vet tape for animals.

Cohesive Bandage 10cm: 

Long-lasting compression wrap for larger limbs. 

Steroplast Steroban Elastic Cohesive Bandage

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