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We supply Sterogrip on special request to the NHS for its quality and dependability.

An elastic tubular bandage is one of the best ways to protect a healing injury or prevent strain on a joint. The tubular shape of the bandage means the soft tissue underneath is gently supported from all angles with a consistent and mild compression. 

The seamless bandage will not unravel, droop, or snag with everyday wear meaning the patient can get on with daily life knowing their injury or joint is protected.

Sterogrip Elasticated Tubular Bandage is available in various sizes to cover ankles, knees, thighs, wrists, and elbow joints. Designed to provide support following soft tissue injuries, dislocation and sprains, the knitted fabric construction of our tubular elastic bandage is interwoven with elastic fibres to ensure optimal support.

Benefits of Sterogrip Elasticated Tubular Bandage

  • The elastic tubular support bandage comes in a 10-metre length roll, sections of which can be cut to size to suit the individual.
  • Tubular elastic bandages stay in place without needing tapes or pins, providing support all the way around a limb or digit.
  • The tubular elastic net bandage is quick and easy to apply, especially with the use of our tubular bandage applicator.
  • The bandage can be applied in multiple layers for tailored levels of support to sprains, strains, and over joints.
  • The bandage is reusable and washable, making it an excellent cost-effective option for personal use.
  • Our tubular elastic compression bandage is made from a combination of a cotton rib-stockinette and covered latex rubber for ultimate support and longevity.
  • This product is available in a roll in a dispenser carton for extra easy use.

Where to Use Elasticated Tubular Bandage

Elasticated tubular bandages are a favourite in healthcare, first aid, sports, animal care, and many other environments where convenient protection is needed. Applying a tubular elasticated bandage means the patient can get back to work, sports, school, or simply get the consistent protection they need until their body has healed.

In catering and food handling environments like commercial kitchens, factories, delis, and manufacturing plants, blue dressings, plasters, and bandages are required by law for maximum visibility to minimise contamination risks. Using a Sterogrip Blue Elasticated Bandage offers complete dressing protection, conforming close to the body's contours and allowing full mobility making it easier and safer to return to work when handling food.

When to Use Tubular Gauze Bandage

Tubular gauze bandage, sometimes called elastic tubular mesh bandage, is made with a lighter weave gauze material that provides a milder level of compression and greater breathability. Our tubular gauze bandage also comes in narrower 1.5cm and 2.5cm widths making it the perfect tubular elastic finger bandage or toe bandage.

Elasticated Tubular Bandage Size Guide

We offer elasticated tubular bandage sizes to fit digits, arms, legs, and joints on all body areas for adults, children, and animals. Larger upper body sizes are available on request. Give us a call on 0161 902 3030.

Sterogrip A5cm x 1mSmall child limbs
Sterogrip B6.25cm x 1mSmall/ medium limbs
Sterogrip C6.75cm x 1mSmall arms/ legs
Sterogrip D7.5cm x 1mLarge arms/ legs
Sterogrip E8.75cm x 1mLegs or small thighs
Sterogrip F10cm x 1mLarge knees or thighs
Sterogrip G12cm x 1mLarge thighs

Steroplast Sterogrip - 1m

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