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Saline wipes for cleaning wounds and preparing skin for better dressing adhesion. A gentle, simple sodium chloride on a soft, large wipe. Individually wrapped and sterile.

The mildest cleansing wipe for cleaning wound areas and all skin types—even sensitive, young skin.

Saline wipes for wounds to clean without irritating them or damaging the skin further. Our wipes are pre-dosed with the right amount of saline solution to help with quick, efficient, and easy wound and skin cleaning.

Prepare wounds for dressing. These wipes will leave the surrounding skin fresh and clean without any oils or grime that could compromise the effectiveness of a dressing adhesive.

But it's not just wounds that our saline wipes are good for. General skin cleaning can be done without worrying about irritation or allergic reaction. The body perceives saline as a natural bodily substance, so it's doubtful to cause any issues when used on broken or unbroken skin. 

We also sell 500ml bottles of saline solution for irrigating eyes and 20ml eye and wound wash saline ampoules.

What's in our saline solution wipes?

Each wipe is impregnated with a solution of 0.9% sodium chloride. Saline is designed to mimic human blood and tears in its concentration, meaning it won't irritate the body or cause the wound to dry out.

Saline doesn't interfere with normal healing or the body's normal bacterial flora. It's also less likely to cause allergic reactions than other cleansing solutions. This also means the wipes don't sting when they touch the skin, perfect for thoroughly cleaning little ones' cuts and grazes without any tears.

Benefits of Sterowipe Saline Cleansing Wipes

  • Each individual sachet is foil wrapped to help keep the wipe fresh and moist for longer.
  • Wipes in individual sachets are sterile until the packaging is broken to ensure optimal hygiene when cleaning wounds.
  • Like all Steroplast products, our saline wipes are CE marked to denote high standards of quality and safety for consumers.
  • The non-linting wipes leave wounds completely clean and won’t compromise the delicate wound bed with fibres that could cause healing complications.
  • Our wipes fold out to be large enough for convenient and fast wound and skin cleaning.

What are saline wipes used for?

Wound Management

Their concentration ensures saline wipes won't cause adverse reactions when used to clean open wounds. The fact they are non-linting also means you don't have to worry about fibres getting stuck to the wound bed in the same way as cotton wool or tissue. 

Gently using a wipe can help with minor debridement of the wound bed, removing debris and dead tissue to help keep the wound clean and provide an optimal healing environment.


The gentle composition of saline wipes makes them ideal for use on infant skin which is more delicate and allergy-prone than adult skin. Saline wipes are handy in GP surgeries and pediatric wards in hospitals, school nurse offices, and childcare facilities.

Children and Babies

Clean away dirt and grime on children’s and babies’ faces, hands, and anywhere else. The wipes can also help dissolve and remove dried mucus around the nose and mouth. Looking for saline wipes for eyes? These wipes can even be used as saline eye wipes, but you should take care not to clean too close to the eye. 


Cleaning new piercings is essential to prevent infection and ensure the piercing heals properly. Use saline wipes to clean around new piercings to keep any potential infections at bay and reduce the risk of a skin reaction. Saline wipes for piercings are recommended because they not only reduce the chance of irritation but will not leave a residue on the skin and help to dry the skin quickly, preventing bacteria from thriving. 

Are saline wipes antibacterial? No, sterile saline wipes will not kill bacteria. They will only clean the area by helping to dislodge and wipe away dirt. See our alcohol-free cleaning wipes for a disinfecting alternative without any of the harsh effects of alcohol.

Steroplast Sterowipe Saline Cleansing Wipes

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