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The Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) is an incredibly effective and user-friendly tourniquet, boasting a single application protocol and single buckle routing system. Its cutting-edge design offers a reliable solution for controlling life-threatening bleeding.

Unrivalled Performance in Haemorrhage Control

When it comes to dealing with life-threatening bleeding, quick and effective action is vital. The Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) leaps into action with unrivalled performance.

Offical Endorsement by the U.S. Army

The C-A-T stands tall as more than just a tourniquet; it holds the esteemed position of the U.S. Army's officially endorsed tourniquet. This endorsement serves as a testament to the quality and effectiveness of the C-A-T. The U.S. Army entrusts the safety of its personnel to this device, underlining the confidence they have in its ability to provide superior haemorrhage control.

Clinically Proven Effectiveness

The C-A-T isn't just widely endorsed; it's also clinically proven. This tourniquet has demonstrated its capacity to effectively occlude blood flow in both upper and lower extremities in numerous clinical settings. Its consistent effectiveness gives medical practitioners and patients alike the assurance they need when seconds matter.

Recognised as One of the U.S. Army's "Top 10 Greatest Inventions"

The U.S. Army recognised the C-A-T as one of its "Top 10 Greatest Inventions". This commendation acknowledges the significant impact that the C-A-T has had on saving lives in combat and emergency situations. This award-winning design isn't merely effective - it's innovative, providing a life-saving solution where others fall short.

Popular Among Conventional and Special Operation Forces

Beyond its adoption by the U.S. Army, the C-A-T enjoys widespread popularity among both conventional and Special Operation forces worldwide. This broad acceptance reflects the high esteem in which this life-saving device is held across different contexts. Its simple, reliable design makes it a crucial tool in the kit of those on the front lines of emergency and combat situations.

Exceptional Design for Maximum Efficiency

At the heart of the Combat Application Tourniquet's (C-A-T) unrivalled performance in bleeding management lies its exceptional design. Let's delve into the design features that make this device a standout in blood loss prevention:

Patented Internal Free-Moving Band

The patented internal free-moving band is another design feature that sets the C-A-T apart. This internal band provides truly even pressure distribution across the entire circumference of the tourniquet, maximising its efficiency in controlling blood loss. Unlike traditional tourniquets, this feature guarantees consistent, even pressure—making it more effective in occluding blood flow.

Reinforced Strap and Stabilisation Plate

The C-A-T's reinforced strap and stabilisation plate bring added comfort and strength to the device, making it suitable for prolonged use. The reinforced strap ensures that the tourniquet remains secure and effective, while the stabilisation plate provides additional support, preventing unnecessary movement and enhancing the overall stability of the device.

Single Routing Buckle

The C-A-T features a unique Single Routing Buckle. This distinctive component minimises blood loss by ensuring effective slack removal and requiring fewer windlass turns. The intuitive design of the buckle streamlines the application process, helping users to act quickly and effectively even under extreme pressure.

Windlass Rod

The C-A-T is equipped with a windlass rod of increased diameter for enhanced strength. The rod features aggressive ribbing to ensure a superior grip, allowing users to apply the tourniquet with confidence and efficiency. This effective grip ensures the rod won't slip during use, crucial for maintaining consistent pressure.

Windlass Clip

Another critical component is the Windlass Clip. This piece of the C-A-T design ensures a rapid windlass lock, while the bilateral buttress enhances the overall strength of the tourniquet. This firm, reliable lock guarantees the effectiveness of the tourniquet, providing users with the assurance that it will hold tight when it matters most.

Portability and Durability

In addition to its superior functionality, the Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) also stands out for its exceptional portability and robust durability, making it a reliable partner in any situation. Its compact and robust design ensures that it can be easily carried and can withstand extreme conditions without compromising performance. 

Compact and Lightweight Design

In emergency situations, every moment and every ounce of weight matters. The C-A-T's design takes this into account. With its compact and lightweight build, you can effortlessly slip the C-A-T into a pocket, pouch, or bag, keeping it ready at your fingertips when emergencies strike. This easily portable nature makes the C-A-T a reliable companion in a variety of settings, from outdoor adventures to professional medical facilities. 

Resistant to Wear and Tear

Emergency equipment should not only be functional and user-friendly but also robust and reliable. The C-A-T ticks all these boxes with its resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that it can withstand even extreme environments. Whether it's used in a professional medical setting or during outdoor activities, you can rest assured that the C-A-T is designed to last and maintain its effectiveness despite rigorous usage.

C-A-T Combat Application Tourniquet - Black

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