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Coloplast Simpla S5 Bedside Drainage Bag / Urinary Collection Bag


The Simpla S5 2-Litre Urine Drainage Bag is a drainable, 2-litre sterile urine drainage bag, with an award winning lever action outlet tap. For direct connection to a catheter/sheath or a leg bag. These bags are suitable for night time use for the collection of urine. The drainage bags have an in-use life of approximately 5–7 days.



  • Especially easy to use if user has limited dexterity

  • Wide Bore Tubing - 100cm long

  • Ridged Inlet Connector, allowing secure connection

  • Protected sample port

  • No Latex content

  • Lever outlet action tap

Simpla S5 Urine Drain Bag

SKU: CO346145
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