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Highly absorbent, unmedicated, sterile wound dressing pads with an attached conforming bandage for easy application. Trusted by the NHS and emergency services, these wound dressings are ideal for emergency use, hospital care, and to top-up first aid kits.


Premium, unmedicated, sterile, absorbent wound dressings secured with a strong elastic bandage to stem bleeding and protect from infection. Trusted by the NHS for optimal wound care.

Choose premium emergency dressings for wounds that you can trust. Steroplast’s premium Steropax wound dressings are ideal for urgent wound treatment. These sterile wound dressing products have a highly absorbent pad that will cover an open wound, stem bleeding, and protect it. These wound dressing pads can be secured in place with the high-stretch conforming bandage that’s attached for ease of application, with no need for adhesive or tape. 

Steropax is the optimal unmedicated, dry dressing for wounds of various sizes and severities. Available in multiple sizes, including finger and eye pad shapes, these wound dressings are suitable for providing life-saving treatment following serious trauma, as a surgical wound dressing after operative care to manage bleeding and exudate, and to protect open wounds while a patient is transported to a hospital. 

One of the most popular wound dressing types due to their versatility and effectiveness, Steropax wound dressings are NHS-approved and manufactured to meet HSE first aid recommendations, so are suitable for use in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, ambulances, as well as included in first aid kits for the workplace, public settings, and at home.  

Why choose Steropax Wound Dressings?

  • Superior quality sterile wound dressings manufactured to meet HSE first aid recommendations and NHS standards.
  • Highly absorbent cotton wound dressing pad draws blood, moisture and exudate from the wound site, promoting the natural healing process. 
  • Each wound dressing pad provides additional cushioning, with the soft, sterile dressing pad protecting the wound site from further trauma.
  • Developed by industry experts, these breathable wound dressings encourage the natural healing process and improve patient comfort. 
  • These thick absorbent wound pads have a high-stretch conforming bandage attached for quick, easy, and secure wound dressing in any environment.
  • Optimal dressing wound coverage and security of the bandage helps to provide initial protection from infection whilst en route to a hospital. 
  • Ideal dressing for wounds that require a combination of the bandage’s pressure and the soft cushioned wound pad’s essential protection from infection. 
  • Steroplast’s Steropax large wound dressing pads are thicker and more absorbent than competing brands.
  • Individually wrapped sterile unmedicated wound dressings promote hygiene, significantly reducing the risk of infection compared to non-sterile wound dressing products.

Steropax wound dressing sizes



12cm x 12cm


18cm x 18cm




3.5cm x 3.5cm


Where can Steropax wound dressings be used?

Steropax Wound Dressings are suitable for the treatment of a wide range of wounds across the body, including deep wounds, stabs, punctures, and heavy exudate wounds, when incorporated with regular medical attention and observed regularly.

Steropax Wound Dressings are used by paramedics, nurses, and the military for dressing wounds, as well as by first aiders, vets, care home staff, and patients recovering at home. 

  • Choose a big wound dressing size to treat major trauma sites and stem excessive or heavy bleeding while providing emergency care and transporting a patient to hospital. 
  • The conforming bandage attached to Steropax wound dressings allow for easy application, a long-lasting hold, and are commonly used by hospital nurses and in care homes to treat patients after surgery as the ideal sterile open wound dressing.
  • Due to their absorbency and versatility, Steropax wound dressings are a popular choice in veterinary surgeries, often used as dog wound dressings to protect open wounds as they heal. 

Steropax Wound Dressings

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