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Premium sterile, highly absorbent dressing pads with a built-in elastic bandage for easy application. Stem blood flow and treat serious wounds with confidence.

Premium, highly absorbent dressings trusted by the NHS for serious trauma and high exudate wounds. Supplied with a strong elastic bandage for easy, secure application. 

Choose a premium, high-absorbent dressing for wound care that you can trust. Steroplast’s premium Steropax Plus wound dressings are ideal for urgent wound treatment. Cover open wounds with their thick, sterile, highly absorbent pad for fast absorption, minimal leakage and lasting protection.

Each Steropax Plus dressing comes with a built-in conforming bandage for a strong, high-stretch protective layer that will keep the absorbent dressing pad securely in place. No need for adhesive or tape. 

Steropax Plus is the optimal unmedicated, dry dressing for heavily bleeding wounds of various sizes and severities, stemming blood flow and managing blood loss. Used by the NHS and emergency services, Steropax Plus high absorbent dressings are designed to provide life-saving treatment following serious trauma, as well as manage exudate from surgical wounds.

Why choose Steropax Plus Wound Dressings?

  • NHS-approved and manufactured to meet HSE first aid recommendations, Steropax Plus are suitable for use in hospitals, doctors' surgeries, ambulances, and for home wound care after major surgery as advised.
  • Steropax Plus have a dense cotton wound pad, ensuring they act as a highly absorbent dressing that will stem blood flow and minimise the risk of leakage.
  • Developed by industry experts, the high absorbent dressing pad draws blood, moisture and exudate from the wound site, promoting the natural healing process.
  • Each highly absorbent dressing provides padded cushioning to protect the wound from further trauma. 
  • The sterile dressing pad is breathable as well as absorbent, promoting natural healing.
  • Supplied with a built-in high-stretch conforming bandage allowing for quick, easy, and secure wound dressing in any environment.
  • Optimal wound coverage and security of the bandage helps to provide initial protection from infection whilst en route to a hospital. 
  • Steropax Plus high absorbent dressing wound pads are thicker, denser, and more absorbent than competing brands, maintaining absorption for longer.
  • CE marked for quality assurance.
  • Individually wrapped,  sterile and unmedicated to promote hygiene and reduce the risk of infection.

Steropax Plus Wound Dressing sizes:

  • 12cm x 12cm
  • 18cm x 18cm

For a slightly thinner, more versatile absorbent wound dressing in a range of sizes, see Steropax Wound Dressings.

Steroplast Steropax Plus Wound Dressings

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