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An ultra-fine, transparent, waterproof adhesive wound dressing that conforms to the body like a second skin with an impenetrable barrier.


A thin, waterproof, adhesive barrier created by wound care experts to look and feel virtually invisible

Our Sterostrip Ultra transparent clear adhesive wound dressing is often referred to as a ‘second skin dressing’ because you can hardly tell it’s there when applied. The transparent polyurethane film is see-through and blends in with all skin tones. Underneath is an ultra-fine dressing pad that protects the wound area without sticking to it, and sits flush against the body.

Not only do clear wound dressings like this look unassuming, but the thin and flexible material makes it super comfortable to wear. This clear wound dressing is barely noticeable once applied, protecting the wound like a second skin that’s flexible and secure. This is a see-through dressing chosen by surgeons for areas like joints where a stiff or bulky dressing could be uncomfortable.

The waterproof breathable wound dressing also gives the patient the freedom to bathe and shower, washing the area of their body without compromising the hygienic environment underneath the dressing. This is an excellent choice for patients who need to get on with life without being held back by a dressing.

Benefits of Using Sterostrip Waterproof Adhesive Dressings

  • This waterproof wound dressing has adhesive that sticks to the skin to isolate the wound but doesn’t stick to the wound for minimal disruption and comfortable removal.
  • Sterile, individually packaged waterproof wound care dressings help keep the wound free from bacteria. 
  • Each waterproof adhesive transparent wound dressing blends in with all skin tones.
  • These waterproof wound dressings come in packs of 25 and are available in three different sizes for a better fit.
  • The absorbent pad of the dressing draws exudate away from the wound to promote faster healing.
  • The polyurethane film allows the skin to breathe, making it the best waterproof wound dressing for keeping your skin comfortable, protecting the area around the wound and allowing it to heal naturally without irritation.
  • These waterproof dressings for wounds are film-coated with acrylic adhesive, making them hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types, including young and sensitive skin.
  • These waterproof dressings for wounds are super easy to apply and take no time to put on. It’s easy to use one on yourself or change the dressing quickly. 
  • The clear waterproof wound dressing allows the wearer to wash the surrounding area without damaging the dressing or compromising the trauma area.
  • Choose the best waterproof wound dressing for swimming and high-intensity physical activities, their highly flexible material makes this dressing ideal for awkward areas like in between joints and areas that rub under swimming gear and clothing. 
  • The ideal waterproof wound dressing for showering when recovering from injury, surgery, or infection—this waterproof transparent dressing wound cover will comfortably seal over broken or damaged skin to protect it from contamination or irritation.

Choose the correct size of waterproof dressings for wounds of various shapes or sizes. We offer extra large waterproof wound dressings for an extensive area; choose a large waterproof wound dressing for a mid-to-large area or a smaller clear dressing for wounds to protect smaller injuries. 

Choose between packs of 25 waterproof surgical wound dressings: 

  • Small waterproof wound dressing size: 6 x 7cm
  • Large waterproof wound dressing size: 8 x 10cm
  • Extra large waterproof wound dressing size: 10 x 12cm

Where are waterproof, transparent, adhesive wound dressings used?


Surgeons may choose a fine post-surgery dressing to cover and protect the wound site when dealing with minor operations. A thin, clear, waterproof wound dressing is a good choice when there will be minimal bleeding, allowing the patient to feel more comfortable post-surgery.


Following cosmetic surgery, aestheticians may favour a waterproof surgical wound dressing that is clear and thin to meet the wishes of their clients. A transparent dressing wound cover is more inconspicuous than other opaque varieties while the patient heals.

Personal Wound Care

Sterostrip Ultra Wound Dressings are so easy to use that many people buy them for self-wound care at home. Simply treat the dressing like a large plaster to care for healing injuries without needing to visit a doctor. 

If your wound shows signs of infection or if it is substantially large, deep, or does not stop bleeding, consult your GP. 

Professional Swimmers and Athletes

Sterostrip Ultra is the waterproof wound dressing for swimming UK athletes trust time and time again. The flexible, breathable, water-resistant qualities make these the ideal waterproof wound dressings swimming fanatics rely on when actively recovering from wounds in the water.



Steroplast Sterostrip Ultra Waterproof Adhesive Wound Dressing

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