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The Steroplast trauma dressing is intelligently designed to stem severe blood loss and sustain life in crisis situations. Made with a thick dressing pad, elasticated straps and a velcro patch, the dressing can be applied easily in seconds.

No dressing is quicker to use or more effective than the Steroplast Trauma Dressing.

In the event of a severe wound, you might have seconds to help a casualty before it’s too late. Heavy blood loss can lead to irreparable damage. Using a trauma wound dressing means you can stem the floor of blood from a wound and protect it from dirt and debris until the casualty can be seen by a medical professional.

This trauma dressing is an essential component of any bleed control and trauma supply kit. Choose Steroplast for the premium trauma dressing UK emergency responders trust.

What is trauma dressing used for?

Trauma dressing use is mainly reserved for emergency services and professionals, but in a crisis, anyone needs to be able to use one. That’s why our trauma dressings are designed to be easy and intuitive to use from the moment you open the packet.

In addition to supplying first responders and ambulance services with emergency bandage trauma wound dressing, we recommend them for anyone exposed to the risk of severe injury. If you run a business where staff and members of the public are exposed to potential hazards like machinery and sharp objects, your first aid risk assessment may determine that additional items are needed to handle severe blood loss, outside of the normal first aid requirements for workplaces. In this case, adding trauma dressings to your first aid kit might be a requirement.

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Advantages, features and benefits

 The non-adherent trauma pressure dressing pad has a single directional action enabling the blood to pass through into the absorbent fibre

 The super-absorbent pad is capable of absorbing over twice its weight in fluid, protecting the wound from contamination

 Velcro fastening ensures the end of the bandage is secured quickly without needing additional supplies like dressing retention tape

 The dressing is highly versatile, with long straps meaning it can be used on any part of the body

 Choose from two size options: a large trauma dressing of 18cm x 10cm or a medium trauma dressing of 18cm x 15cm

 The dressing is vacuum-packed to condense it for better storage

 Each dressing is sterile until the packet is opened to prevent infection

Steroplast Trauma Dressing

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