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Part of the extensive Medisure mobility range, the Medisure Ear Syringe provides gentle yet thorough ear cleansing in seconds. Designed to remove wax, dirt and general debris from the outer ear canal, the Medisure Ear Syringe combines a soft bulb with a tapered tip for maximum control and comfort. Sufficient suction strength is provided to effectively clean the outer ear canal, without risking any damage to the delicate tissues of the inner-ear. Easy to keep clean and hygienic, the Medisure Ear Syringe is ideal for individuals with reduced mobility and can hold up to 60ml of liquid for a thorough clean. Features and Benefits Effective and gentle cleansing of the outer ear canal Tapered tip for maximum control and comfort 60ml capacity

Sure Ear Syringe Bulb 60ml

SKU: MS18512
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