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NIt Comb Long Handle

• Medisure Fine Toothed Nit Comb with Handle
• Medium Handle
• Keeps hair clean and free of debris

Regular use of a Medisure Fine Toothed Comb will help to keep your hair clean, healthy and clear of debris and other particles that may become attached to the hair.

Instructions for use:
• Before using a fine toothed comb, wash hair as normal and comb through with a regular comb to remove tangles.
• Use a fine toothed comb on wet hair and comb thoroughly fromroot to tip with every stroke.
• Carefully inspect the comb after each stroke and clear away any particles that may have collected.
• Debris removal may be more effective when the fine toothed comb is used on wet hair that has standard hair conditioner applied. Rinse away conditioner as usual after combing.
• Wash comb thoroughly after each use in warm soapy water and allow to dry natually before storage.
• Keep away from children when not in use.


Small Nit Comb Pack of 2

Fine toothed combs are ideal for getting out debris from your hair as well as nits too. The fine combs and narrow gap between them make it perfect for getting things from your hair that your normal comb or brush wouldn't.

They are designed to be used on wet hair and adding conditioner will make them run smoothly through the hair and gather up anything along the way. As you comb you should inspect the comb and clear away anything on there before the next pass.

  • 2 Pack
  • White Plastic
  • Fine Tooth Comb

Sure Nit Comb - 2 types

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