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An oxygen face mask is an essential component for hospitals, ambulances and emergency rooms. If you’re looking for a secure and reliable mask, all of our oxygen therapy products are ergonomically designed for a secure fit around the face, with adaptable designs that guarantee safe use and maximum comfort for the user.

We also offer a variety of disposable nasopharyngeal airways, guedel airways and nasal cannula for temporary breathing solutions, as well as a non-rebreathing oxygen mask set for medical emergencies that require a fixed concentration of oxygen delivery. Our peak flow meters and nebuliser are ideal for routine use on patients suffering from chronic chest conditions, such as asthma.

These masks, sometimes called High Air Flow Oxygen Enrichment (HAFOE) masks incorporate a Venturi Barrel and use the Bernoulli principle to deliver a predetermined and fixed concentration of oxygen. This is provided to the patient regardless of their respiratory pattern, y providing a higher gas flow than the peak inspiratory flow rate.

PRO Breathe 28% Venturi Mask with oxygen tube

SKU: PBOM00521
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