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An HSE-compliant kit, ideal for offices or low-hazard environments in line with essential Health and Safety laws. This 1-10 person first aid kit is presented in a robust moulded case, ensuring durability and ease of access.

Item1-10 PersonUse
First Aid Emergency Leaflet1

Read for information on how to provide CPR

Gloves - Vinyl in Pairs1

For protecting the first-aider while treating wounds and preventing cross-contamination

Washproof Plasters20

Use to cover minor cuts and abrasions. Highly visible for food handling situations

Safety Pins6

Used for securing bandages in place

Triangular Bandage4

Useful for creating slings, wrapping wounds, and immobilising injured body parts

Alcohol-Free Wipes10

For cleaning and disinfecting wounds without stinging

Wound Dressing - Eyepad2

For covering and protecting eye injuries

Wound Dressing - Medium6

Suitable for dressing medium wounds, burns or major trauma

Wound Dressing - Large2

Suitable for dressing large wounds, burns or major trauma

Wall Bracket1

A sturdy wall bracket to mount your kit to the wall, providing easy access

HSE First Aid Kit | 1-10 Person Kit | Case

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