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Used to secure tubes, catheters, probes and cannulae

Sterotape Clear is the ideal multi-purpose clear surgical tape: Waterproof, hypoallergenic, and discreet with strong adhesion that professionals trust. 

There are so many uses for surgical tape. Clear options like Sterotape Clear are comfortable and discreet without compromising on adhesion and strength. Used across medical, first aid, and sports injury professions, surgical clear tape is ideal for securing dressings in place to protect wounds and promote healing. 

Sterotape clear has a high quality surgical tape transparent film that is latex-free, hypoallergenic and safe for use on highly sensitive skin. It has the added benefit of a waterproof medical-grade adhesive, so this transparent surgical tape can be worn in the bath, shower, or swimming pool, and repels sweat to remain secure for extended periods.

Similar to some of our other medical tapes, this surgical transparent tape is easy to tear by hand, allowing for quick, easy applications. The strong, allergy-safe adhesive leaves little to no residue on skin and this surgical clear tape is easy to remove painlessly. 

Developed by experts to be breathable and allow air to reach the skin underneath, Sterotape Clear is comfortable to wear and minimises the risk of skin maceration. Many patients appreciate the discretion of surgical transparent tape; it is less noticeable when worn and is barely detectable under clothing, without compromising on comfort or adhesion.

Why choose Sterotape Clear plastic surgical tape?

  • Hypoallergenic and safe for universal use, even on highly sensitive skin.
  • Barely visible transparent surgical tape for discreet bandaging and fixing without compromising on comfort.
  • Premium clear surgical tape waterproof properties make it sweat resistant and a practical choice for wearing in the shower.
  • Flexible and malleable surgical transparent tape material that conforms easily to body contours.
  • Comfortable on skin and ideal for securing dressings and gauze in place to promote natural healing.
  • Durable, waterproof clear plastic surgical tape that you can trust.
  • The ideal product for hard-to-reach areas anywhere on a patient’s body.
  • Tears easily by hand in both directions for quick, accurate applications.
  • Strong, medical-grade adhesive make this tape perfect for securing tubes, probes, catheters, cannulae, and a wide range of medical equipment in place for extended periods.
  • Each roll of surgical clear tape stretches to a generous 9.1metre length that will last for multiple applications.
  • Choose the clear surgical tape width you need. Available in 1.25cm, 2.5cm & 5cm widths.
  • CE marked for quality assurance.

See our other premium quality surgical tape, Sterotape Silk, which offers the same benefits as this transparent surgical tape with a clearly visible white colour and silk-life feel to the fabric that’s used across the medical field.

This clear surgical tape is essential in healthcare environments for a variety of needs. Check out our podiatry and veterinary pages for more tapes developed to be ideal for these specific industries.

How to Use Clear Surgical Tape

  • Ensure the skin or equipment you will be taping is dry and clean..
  • Press the surgical clear tape over skin sticky side down without pulling skin or applying tension.
  • Avoid wrapping the whole way around a limb or body part with the tape. (Wrapping tape around a body area that is likely to swell during the healing process risks compromising blood flow and healthy circulation.)
  • Once the transparent surgical tape applied over the skin and/or equipment, gently but firmly stroke over the surface of the transparent surgical tape to ensure complete contact and a lasting adhesion to every contour of the skin. 

Clinipore Sterotape Clear

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