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Recommendation for a potentially life-saving bleed control kit.


  • Effective products – easily used by the public or in work place
  • Organised, easily accessible bag
  • Hi-Visibility red and clear labels for rapid identification
  • Lightweight construction, make the kit easily portable


With response times and speed of treatment being paramount to increasing the chances of saving a life due to catastrophic blood loss, Bleed Control Kit is designed to help control and stop severe bleeding. 

Bleed Control Kit was developed by Ambulance staff  to provide a kit of medical equipment that can be easily used by the public but can also control a catastrophic bleed. There are instructions included to ensure anyone can use these kits.



  • Large Trauma Dressing – Designed to control moderate bleeding
  • Pack of Non Woven gauze - to pack out large wound cavities 
  • STAT Tourniquet – Easy to use tourniquet for stopping the flow of blood to the arms or legs
  • 2 pairs of disposable Gloves – Personal protection
  • Scissors – Emergency sheers for quickly and effectively removing clothes
  • Emergency Foil Blanket – keeps patient warm and protected from the elements
  • CPR Face Mask – If CPR is required the face shield protects the user
  • Marker Pen – Used to note the time a tourniquet is applied – this is important when a hospital come to remove it later


A flexible solution


The pack is lightweight, allowing it to be attached to personnel, hung up, or kept within vehicles, with high visibility red colouring, allowing for rapid identification. It includes basic instructions for the lay person to have a straightforward understanding of the equipment included, and where/how to apply.


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Public Access Catastrophic Bleed Control Kit

Excluding VAT
This will be despatched within 3 - 5 working days