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A medium-sized sports first aid kit. Compact, comprehensive, and easy to use on the go. Ideal for pitchside first aid and physio when accidents, injuries, and emergencies occur in a range of common sports.

A sports medical kit made with the help of sports injury specialists.

Whether you’re scrumming, rock climbing, or just running track and field, you’re exposed to hazards. National governing bodies of all sports in the UK recommend keeping a first aid kit on hand at all times so that, in the event of an injury, treatment can be delivered quickly and effectively, reducing the chance of complications and even helping to save a life. 

Keeping a first aid kit pitchside is absolutely essential to all responsible athletes, coaches, club owners, venue managers, and first aiders. Choose a kit you can put your complete trust in. Steroplast is a leading brand in first aid in the UK, and we’ve got you covered.

Together with our sister brand, Sterosport, we worked on perfecting our medium sports first aid kit to provide support when common emergencies and accidents occur in a range of sports. This kit was made with the feedback and input of sports injury specialists and experts. Our medium kit is a cost-effective way to stay protected and confidently continue an active lifestyle.

Why choose our Sports Medical Kit?

  • Our medium sports first aid kit can be topped up easily, making it a cost-effective option if you have a tight budget. Buy all the individual items in this kit from our website. We can even notify you when items in your kit are about to go out of date.
  • As a fully customisable kit, we can add your team name, branding, logo, and any other custom details you want to your first aid kit bag. Our custom printing is ideal for sports venues, facilities, events, and businesses. 
  • The bag contains individual compartments in different shapes and sizes to help keep items organised and make it easier for you to locate certain supplies in no time. Tightly packed items are also less likely to move around and become damaged or worn. 
  • The pockets in the bag are fixed with velcro, meaning you can remove them easily, keep the bag clean, and customise the arrangement to your liking.
  • The bag comes with a durable, adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying into and off of a pitch. 

What’s in this kit?

See what’s in this first aid kit in detail here. Contact us if you want help putting your own sports first aid kit together or if you’re interested in custom first aid kits.

The contents of the Medium Sports First Aid Kit are:


Bag - Clinical waste 


Eyewash 500ml


First aid emergency leaflet


Foil blanket


Gloves - Nitrile


Plasters - Washproof




Safety pins


Scissors - Tufkut


Triangular bandage


Wipes - Alcohol-free


Wound dressing - Eyepad


Wound dressing - Medium


Wound dressing - Large


Medium Sports First Aid Kit

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