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Laerdal Suction Unit LSU Serres Blue Liner 

Laerdal's Suction Unit with Semi-Disposable Canister is a powerful, durable machine that can be used to clear your patients' airways. With its Semi-Disposable Canister design, the unit uses disposable liners that help you avoid contact with contaminates. The Laerdal Suction Unit LSU Serres Blue Liners (Pack of 36) are ideal if you're close to running out of the suction bags.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Helps you avoid contact with contaminants
  • Offers great value for money
  • Built for the Laerdal Semi-Disposable Suction Unit
  • Compliant with Laerdal's warranty conditions
  • Quick and easy to change bags
  • Hygienic disposable liners

How Do You Remove the Disposable Canister?

Please note that it is recommended you replace the canister when it's 3/4 full. When liquid reaches the top of the canister, the LSU will not suction any more liquid. If the liquid from the canister gets into the pump, the LSU must be returned for servicing.

  • Disconnect the vacuum connector tubing at the yellow T-bar on the canister connector.
  • Release the canister holder and press down the release arm while sliding the holder towards you.
  • Remove the canister from the holder.
  • Unwrap/release the patient suction tubing (if applicable).
  • Safely dispose of the liner according to local protocols.
  • Clean the LSU.

LSU Serres Suction Pouch - 1000ml

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