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The Combi is a one-piece system with Blade and Handle fixed together allowing Test in the Bag functionality testing prior to use.  It is based on a Conventional system with meLED™ (metal enclosed) LED on the blade powered by a 6V handle giving excellent light output where it is required.

The Proact Combi Metal Max Single Patient Use Laryngoscope and Handle provides a Premium System Disposable Metal Laryngoscope Blade in a full range of sizes from Macintosh 0 through to Macintosh 5, Miller 00 through to Miller 4, Lever Tip Macintosh 3 & 4 and unique to Proact the Cardiff-Pro 00, 0 and 1. Macintosh 3 & 4 are also available with a Stubby Handle as well as an Adult Handle.

Product Highlights  

  • Combined Handle and Blade, Test in Bag, ready to use in 5 seconds
  • Laser welded Stainless Steel runs through the hook-on section of the plastic block to provide structural strength
  • Excellent light output with no heat output from the meLED ™
  • Made from Surgical Stainless Steel AISI Type 304
  • Correctly formed blade shape and atraumatic tip where appropriate, no sharp edges
  • Full-length spatula like a quality reusable blade – many competitor disposable blades have a cut out to make the product cheaper but compromising ease of intubation.
  • Long Battery Life – over 5 hours of continuous illumination
  • Fast and easy removal of battery at the end of life
  • Cardiff Pro Blades are a straight blade similar to Miller with a 5 degree downward angled blade (upward angled by 5 degrees when in use) and a flat atraumatic tip to enable easier tongue control
  • Supplied in easy open Colour Coded Sachets in dispensing boxes of 10

CE Marked

Single Use

Latex Free

ISO 7376:2020 Compliant

Supplied with Multilingual Instructions

Proact Metal Max+ Combi Laryngoscope Blade and Adult Handle

Excluding VAT

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