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A must-have accident report book required by law in all UK workplaces. Simple and easy to complete, record all workplace accidents and incidents in one place. Contains 40 report forms designed to be removed and securely stored to comply with GDPR and HSE regulations.


Do you need an Accident Report Book by Law?

Our GDPR-compliant accident report book is an essential part of your health and safety paperwork. It must be made available in all UK workplaces. 

Workplaces with more than ten employees are legally required to complete and safely store accident report books in order to comply with Reporting of Injuries, Diseases, and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) UK guidance. In addition, the Social Security (Claims and Payments) Regulations of 1979 require all workplaces to formally record and investigate all workplace accidents in a designated accident report book where a work-related injury results in seven or more days of incapacitation. For each business site, accident report book records must be stored securely for three years. 

The best practice for accident and incident report book use in the workplace is to ensure all accidents and injuries are formally recorded and investigated, regardless of their severity. It isn’t possible to determine at the time of any injury how long the casualty will be incapacitated. So we recommend that all workplace accidents are recorded thoroughly and accurately in the workplace accident report book to ensure you have all the required information you could possibly need.

When assessing and managing your workplace health and safety provisions for your business, use a designated and specially designed health and safety accident report book. It will not only ensure you are compliant with both UK laws, but it will also help you to re-assess and maintain optimal risk reduction in your workplace.

Benefits of the Steroplast Accident Report Book

Providing an accident report book at work is essential in the UK. When considering which one to buy, accident report book benefits from Steroplast ensure you’re safe and compliant with just one product.

Steroplast Accident Report Book benefits:

 Our accident report book has been designed to allow businesses to record work-related injuries simply with plenty of space to document essential information.

 The accident report book comes with perforated report pages, which allow each record to be removed once completed and then securely stored in compliance with GDPR, protecting the privacy and personal information of all employees.

 Every page of the accident report book includes simple and easy-to-follow instructions for both employers and employees.

 This specially designed accident report book complies with all current Health and Safety legislation, including RIDDOR, GDPR and HSE standards.

 Each A4 accident report book contains 40 perforated report forms.

 Providing access to an easy-to-use accident report book guarantees that no employees will be prevented from recording workplace accidents promptly when the necessary information is available and fresh in everyone’s mind.

 Easily-removable accident report pages allow you to simply remove the completed record from the book and physically secure it in a safe, lockable container.

 All accident report book forms only require you to fill out the minimum information necessary for legal compliance. Each form can be easily stored and destroyed after three years, or retrieved if a request for information is made.

 When completing required accident reporting, book format is easier for some employees than using digital methods.

Where to keep your Accident Report Book

The UK’s Health and Safety Executive recommends that you keep your workplace accident report book in a place where “people can easily get to it”. A sensible choice for most businesses would be to store your first aid equipment and accident report book together in a dry place that is clearly visible and easy to access at all times.

All workplaces are required by law to provide all necessary first aid equipment for employees relevant to the risks specific to that workplace premises. At a minimum, this includes a workplace first aid kit and an accident report book. 

Depending on the findings of your workplace risk assessment, your business could be legally required to provide a clearly visible first aid kit station, a burn first aid kit, and even a defibrillator and PAcT First Aid Kit.

Steroplast Accident Report Book

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