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Premium fabric and washproof dressing strips in four different lengths. Cut each plaster to the exact size required for custom wound dressing.

Extra long, super adhesive dressing strips for efficient post-operative care.

Healthcare professionals rely on our premium dressing strips and plasters for professional wound care and post-operative dressing. For wounds of any shape and size, Steroplast Adhesive Dressing Strips are the ideal product. Each strip offers ample space to cover any large wound or can be cut to the exact size you need for a tidy dressing. We use premium zinc oxide adhesive instead of plastic film to ensure a longer-lasting adhesion for complete protection. 

Cover wounds in seconds with our dressing strips which are easy to apply, flexible and pliable, and stick down with our superior adhesive for elongated periods of wear.

Benefits of Steroplast Adhesive Dressing Strips

  • Our adhesive dressing strips come in standard fabric for an extra pliable fit or waterproof to provide added protection.
  • Order 1-metre dressing strips for extra long post-operative wounds, or even 5-metre strips that can be cut to the needed size.
  • Dressing strip widths include 4 cm, 6 cm, and 7.5 cm, depending on your requirements.
  • Each dressing strip is individually packaged to keep it clean and protected until you need to use it.
  • Healthcare professionals trust all our plaster products, and they are thoroughly tried and tested for our consumers.  
  • The dressing strips are made with superior, medical-grade adhesive, which stays in place for longer.
  • Each strip features a non-adhesive wound pad to ensure painless removal.
  • The dressing strips are made with soft and supple material that moves and flexes with the body for added comfort and to help it stay in place.
  • Cut each generously long dressing strip to size for the ideal dressing.
  • All our products are tested to meet high British Standards and CE marked.

Where are our adhesive dressing strips used?

Our extra-long dressing strips are ideal for healthcare environments of all kinds. The length of each strip means it can be cut to a custom size for a tidy dressing that doesn’t get in the way. This makes our adhesive dressing strips excellent for use on awkward body areas like joints. 

Dressing strips are also ideal for long, post-operative wounds that need to be covered and protected while they heal. Simply apply a dressing strip, and the wound is protected. There’s no need to bandage. When an injury is in an awkward place, like along the back, this makes wound dressing significantly easier to apply for the provider and more comfortable for the patient. 

The adhesive on our dressing strips is high-strength and stays on the skin despite the greater range of movement produced over a larger body surface area.

Steroplast Adhesive Dressing Strips Fabric

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