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A individually-wrapped, foil packed face shield. Ready to use in seconds. Protect yourself and the casualty when giving CPR.


Save lives with a CPR barrier that protects you from cross-contamination.

Keep yourself and the casualty safe from cross-contamination of severe infections like HIV and herpes with an essential CPR face shield. A CPR face shield provides a physical barrier that protects both parties from physical contact while enabling the responder to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Face shields are an essential piece of kit for paramedics and emergency responders, but they also can and should be used by anyone performing CPR. Having a face shield to hand means you can get to work immediately, performing CPR when a casualty could have just two minutes between life and death. 

Our foil packed face shields are ready to be used—no need to worry about hygiene. Just rip the packet open and put it in place over the casualty’s face. The containers are small and ultra-thin, meaning you can store lots of them without taking up much space. Putting a few foil packets of face shields in your first aid kit won’t take up any room, but you could end up saving a life.

  • Gives highly effective protection to both the rescuer and the casualty.
  • Used and approved by CPR trained rescuers, a top-quality, reliable product.
  • Includes CPR instructions printed on the packet to help you in the critical moment without wasting time.
  • A one-way gauze filter over the mouth area prevents cross-contamination from either the casualty or the rescuer.

Who are individual, foil-wrapped CPR face shields for?

Our foil packed face shields for CPR are compact and don’t take up much space. They are lightweight and easy to use, with guidance to follow on the packet. 

These make a smart addition to any first aid kit, whether at home or in the workplace. Install these packets alongside your workplace defibrillator so responders can confidently and hygienically give CPR before and after defibrillation.

These disposable CPR face masks are also popular on first aid training days to help make training smooth, efficient, and accurate.

Steroplast Face Shield - Foil Packed

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