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non-sterile, extra thick training dressing. Reusable and ideal for use in first aid training.


Carry out life-like training sessions with a non-sterile standard dressing

Train students and staff to dress real wounds with our realistic training dressings. These conforming bandages can be used in a variety of scenarios to teach:

  • Dressing awkward areas
  • Correct dressing technique
  • Efficiency and speed of dressing wounds

Ideal for use in training for first-aid emergencies, these dressings are individually wrapped to create a real wound dressing scenario, although they are not sterilised. Wrapping keeps the bandages clean and protected until use.

For perfecting those tough bandaging techniques, these dressings provide first aid training organisations with exactly what they need for their students to start practising essential bandaging skills. The dressings are made from durable woven conforming bandage material and stand up to repeated use and handling.

Wound dressing training is an essential part of first aid learning. Make learning easy with Steroplast training supplies. Please note this dressing should be used for training purposes only and should not be used on open wounds.

Benefits of Our Medium Training Dressings


  • Each dressing is 12cm x 12cm.
  • Dressings are made from a durable weave material for a longer lifespan.
  • The conforming stretch bandage matches the behaviour and characteristics of conforming bandages used in real scenarios.
  • Bandages are individually wrapped (but not sterile).

Where are our training bandages used?

First Aid Training Courses

First aid courses are mandatory for appointed first aid givers in businesses, community groups, carers of children and minors, sports teams, and so many other organisations by law in the UK. 

One of the first basic skills everyone learns in first aid training is how to bandage injured limbs. Knowing how to apply a dressing and bandage effectively is fundamental to first aid. Trainees must know how to wrap a basic bandage around wounds properly and how to manage more serious injuries correctly.

The re-usability of these bandages allows trainees to repeat the bandaging technique until they thoroughly learn. 

Healthcare and Nursing Students

Dressing training is a vital part of professional wound management in healthcare. Nurses must know how to handle a wound quickly, correctly, and without distressing the patient. Severe blood loss from wounds is a real threat that must be dealt with properly, and incorrect wound dressing and bandaging can lead to healing complications down the line. Learning correct wound dressing and bandaging is highly important. 

The correlation between competence and confidence is evident. Healthcare practitioners that feel calm and confident in their skills can better manage patient stress and anxiety. The accessibility of training dressings is vital to creating this level of comfort.

Steroplast Medium Training Dressing

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