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If you're fed up with plasters that don't stay on, these are for you.

Steroplast's Premium Elastic Fabric Plasters provide extra protection and durability where other plasters fall short. This is a fabric plaster UK consumers can rely on. 

We expertly designed our fabric plasters to stay on longer thanks to a high-tac, medical-grade zinc oxide adhesive paired with a superior elastic fabric that allows the plasters to conform to your body, wherever you put them.

#1 in the UK Which? recommended

Our elastic fabric plaster was put through a series of tough tests by Which?, the 100% independent UK consumer champion, to find out which plaster from major UK brands was the most reliable and cost-effective.

Steroplast's Premium fabric plasters came out on top with Which? Describing it as "incredibly long-lasting, water-resistant, sweat-resistant, great value" and "really are difficult to budge, almost regardless of where you put them".

Ours is also the cheaper alternative to the other three mainstream contenders. If you need a plaster that won't let you down or hold you back from everyday tasks, this is it. 

Benefits and features of Steroplast Elastic Fabric Plasters

  • Zinc oxide adhesive formulated for optimum sticking power.
  • Shelf life is 5 years from date of manufacture
  • Sterility is guaranteed for five years, helping you keep wounds clean and promote healing.
  • High-tac medical-grade adhesive formulated and proven to work better than alternatives through stringent testing.
  • The elasticated fabric allows for optimum conformability, even in awkward areas and those affected by continuous movement. 
  • The comprehensive range of plasters (6038S) comprises seven assorted plaster sizes and shapes, created with the most common injury areas in mind.
  • The LOT number is printed on each individual wrapper, and the expiry date is printed on each plaster. All cartons are individually barcoded.
  • All plasters (along with all our products) are CE Marked and MHRA-approved, having passed tight safety and quality regulations for the UK market.
  • Translations into five languages.

Assorted Fabric Plasters: Shapes and Sizes

We know that close, well-fitting plasters are essential when making your plaster stay. A range of different shapes and sizes means you'll always have the perfect plaster for the job. Our range of Steroplast fabric plasters features seven different designs. Whether you need small round fabric plasters for puncture wounds or a fabric plaster strip that can be cut to just the right size, you'll find the right one, including: 

  • Fabric fingertip plasters in two different shapes for ergonomic fitting.
  • Large fabric plasters (square, wide rectangular, and thin rectangular plasters).
  • Fabric spot plasters or round fabric plasters, ideal for puncture wounds or after administering injections.

We stock these plasters in assorted packs making it easy for you to purchase exactly what you need depending on the types of plasters you use the most. Choose from fabric plasters assorted 100 or 50 packs, and select either packs containing just one size of plaster or a selection.


60214 x 4cm50 Plasters


60226 x 2cm

100 Plasters


60367.2 x 4.2cm - Fingertip50 Plasters


60237.5 x 2.5cm100 Plasters


60357.5 x 5cm - Knuckle50 Plasters


60257.5 x 5cm50 Plasters 


6059F5 assorted sizes100 Plasters

Steroplast Premium Elastic Fabric Plasters

PriceFrom £3.50
Excluding VAT

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