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Steroplast's dual-action, reusable hot and cold pack soothes pain and reduces swelling in a vast range of situations. Used by injury and healthcare professionals.


A simple, versatile, reusable solution for pain: the hot and cold gel pack.

Hot and cold therapy packs are used in situations where someone experiences pain and discomfort. From menstrual cramps to sprained ankles, the practical benefit of hot and cold pack therapy is its adaptability for either warm circulation improvement or cool swelling reduction.

The simplicity of the hot and cold therapy gel pack means it’s straightforward to use and is one of the most popular additions to first aid kits in homes, workplaces, and hospitals.

All you need to do is pre-freeze or microwave the product to produce a hot pack and cold pack whenever injury strikes. With a cold pack, you’ll instantly be able to reduce pain and discomfort from injuries like strains and sprains, minimise swelling and help to slow damage to the area. A hot pack can bring much needed soothing and comfort to pains like menstrual cramps and arthritis.

Why choose a Steroplast Hot and Cold Pack?

We are a hot and cold gel pack manufacturers that have been in the healthcare business for over 25 years. During that time, we’ve developed and re-developed our first aid products on our customers’ feedback to make sure they are some of the very best and most reliable on the market. 

Look no further than us for premium therapeutic hot and cold packs that professionals use. Here are some features and benefits you get from one of our Steroplast branded hot and cold packs:

  • One of the best hot and cold packs. A high-quality reusable gel pack for effective hot and cold therapy treatment.
  • A highly cost-effective addition to your first aid kit that you can use again and again. 
  • The high-quality internal gel can be reheated and frozen repeatedly without repleted results.
  • The pack is a simple to use, drug-free pain relief solution, super adaptable for unforeseen injuries and ailments.
  • The soft coating ensures maximum user comfort in sensitive areas and enhances the pack’s durability.
  • The Steroplast hot and cold gel pack price is affordable at just £5.99 per unit. We also sell multi-packs of reusable hot and cold gel packs that work out cheaper per unit for places like hospitals, sports therapy centres, and schools that wish to bulk-buy. 

Hot and Cold Gel Pack: How to Use

The difference between the cold pack and hot pack uses depends on the injury you’re treating. Hot and cold compression packs work by increasing blood flow to an area to decompress cramping and aid mobility, whereas cold therapy restricts blood flow to reduce swelling. Here’s how to use a hot and cold pack.

Application: Cold

Store the reusable hot and cold pack in the freezer to be ready to use in the case of an injury. Approximately 1 hour is required to freeze the gel.

Tip: If you want to keep your hot and cold pack un-frozen and ready for either hot or cold therapy, consider adding an instant ice pack to your first aid kit. An instant ice pack uses endothermic reactions to cool down immediately when you squeeze it. Then simply pop your cold pack in the freezer and use the instant pack while you wait for it to cool down.

Application: Hot

Microwave: place the hot and cold compress gel pack into the microwave for approximately 30 seconds at high temperature. Check that the correct temperature has been reached by feeling the pack. If not, further exposure should be in 15-second intervals.

CAUTION: DO NOT OVERHEAT. Times are based on a 600W microwave. Adjust heating times accordingly to suit the power of your microwave.

On the hob: bring some water to a boil. Remove the pan from the heat, and immerse the gel pack in the pan for approximately 4–10 minutes. After 4 minutes, check the temperature of the pack by feeling it. Check every 1 minute to see if the correct temperature has been reached.

Hot and Cold Pack Uses: When to Use Hot Packs and Cold Packs

A hot and cold pack is essential for your first aid kit and should be on your list of emergency supplies. So, what are hot and cold packs used for?

Orthopaedic surgeons use hot and cold packs for pain relief in postoperative patients. Nurses and midwives may give hot and cold packs for labour pains, either warm or cool for pain relief or a nerve distractor. 

At clinics, care homes, hospitals, and for personal use, people may also use hot and cold packs for neck pain, shoulders, back pain, conditions like sciatica and rheumatism, and recovering from injuries at home.

Cold Pack Uses:

  • Reduce the appearance of bruises.
  • Reduce the negative side effects of insect bites.
  • Ease the pressure and pain of headaches, toothaches, and migraines.
  • Soothe sports injuries like ACL tears, ankle sprains, and dislocated shoulders, reducing swelling and making them easier to compress or bandage.

Hot Pack Uses:

  • Help to increase circulation.
  • Ease menstrual cramp pain and muscle spasms.
  • Help to keep a casualty warm if in shock or suffering from exposure.
  • Soothe rheumatism, arthritic pain, and general muscle and tendon pain like backache.
  • Ease aches and pains caused by muscle stiffness, especially chronic pain associated with tension.

Steroplast Reusable Hot And Cold Pack

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