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Electro-magnetically detectable blue plasters to help businesses stay on top of health and safety. Coated with medical-grade, high-tack adhesive, making them the most reliable brand on the market.


The best plasters for food processing. Blue, electro-magnetically detectable, washproof, hypoallergenic, and highly adhesive.

Sterochef blue plasters have several key features that make them the best choice for business owners who want to be fully health and safety compliant. If you need to stock up on catering blue plasters, this is your product. Don’t risk a batch recall or putting your customers in danger. Choose the most reliable blue plaster on the market.

The blue waterproof plasters stand up to the busy operations of a food processing environment. They’re made with superior medical-grade, high-tack adhesive to help keep them firmly in place for your whole shift. They’re also waterproof, meaning there’s no need to worry about frequent handwashing.

Despite their persistent sticking qualities, our blue food plasters feel comfortable, moulding closely to the body and allowing a full range of movement. They’re also hypoallergenic, so anyone can use them without worrying about skin irritation.

Order from a selection of plaster shapes, sizes, and quantities, so you always have exactly what you need. We offer blue detectable plasters assorted 100 boxes, but if you just want blue finger plasters, we can do that too. Order as many boxes as you need, so whether you plan to make a large order of 2000 blue plasters or just buy one box, that’s no problem. We always carry a large stock and can meet your requirements. 

What should food processing businesses know?

All businesses in the UK have to provide their staff access to first aid supplies in line with their workplace hazards. Regarding catering and food processing businesses, the Health and Safety Executive requires all business owners to use blue colour plaster and dressing products, which offer high visibility against food to avoid cross-contamination.

You will need blue plasters if you operate a food processing factory, warehouse, or packaging plant. You will also need to use blue plasters in kitchens, catering businesses, delis, or any other business that handles food. Companies that don’t provide blue plasters and dressings where needed could face repercussions, so you must ensure your first aid kit is properly stocked.

In addition to being the signature blue colour, our plasters go one step further with an aluminium foil sheet laminated to one side, making it easy for them to be seen in metal detection scans. This makes them ideal for manufacturing, factories, warehouses, and other sites that use automation.

Steroplast Sterochef Blue Detectable Plasters 5 Assorted Sizes Box of 100

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