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The multifunctional bandage can support an arm in a sling or as additional support to help hold a splint in place.


A fail-safe design, a multipurpose bandage, and a must-have in every first aid kit.

The triangular bandage is a time-honoured design used to create a sling to immobilise an injured limb, a make-shift bandage, padding for a dressing, or even a tourniquet. Having this useful item in your first aid kit is never a waste of space. 

Steroplast manufactures and supplies professional quality triangular bandages used by healthcare staff, first aiders, and paramedics. Our bandages are either made from calico (cotton) or non-woven material. Calico is more heavy-duty and can be washed and reused, making it cost-effective for treating an injury that takes time to heal or triangular bandage application training. Non-woven bandages are lighter and offer more air circulation but should be disposed of after use, making them better for triangular bandage first aid. The large triangular bandage can be adapted for use on adults or children.

You will find a triangular bandage in first aid kits made by Steroplast. Browse our first aid kits for a fully stocked one ready to go. Buy triangular bandages on this page in just a few clicks.

The Multipurpose First Aid Essential

The triangular bandage dimensions are generous enough to make a sling for an adult arm or even for leg elevation when an ankle is sprained. A triangular bandage sling offers essential protection to an injured limb, keeping it still and close to the body while it heals or before you get medical attention. Keeping an injury elevated with a T bandage also helps to stop bleeding.

When it comes to bleeding, tying a triangular bandage around a wound is a good substitute when you don't have a roller bandage. Or you can use the thick triangular bandage folds to apply pressure and slow bleeding while protecting a wound.

Using a triangular bandage is easy and intuitive. Check our article How to Use Triangular Bandage for triangular bandage techniques. In a pinch, a first aid kit triangular bandage can be used in many ways to care for a casualty and assist with improvisational first aid when you don't have other supplies to hand. A sterile triangular bandage can even be used to blot blood away or apply pressure to a wound to stop the bleeding.

Benefits of Steroplast's Triangular Bandage:

  • Our triangular bandages are available in a non-woven or calico material.
  • We offer a calico triangular bandage or a non-woven triangular bandage, depending on your needs.
  • Ours are individually wrapped triangular bandages for excellent hygiene and protection while storing before you need to use them.
  • The calico bandage can be washed and reused, making it ideal for training.
  • The triangular bandage size is 90cm x 90cm x 127cm.

Steroplast Triangular Bandage - Non woven/Calico

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