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Our alcohol-free cleansing wipes are safe for all skin types and all age groups. When your patient has sensitive skin or a respiratory problem, alcohol wipes could make them uncomfortable. Keep alcohol-free wound cleansing wipes on hand to ensure you offer the best protection and comfort levels. Keep wounds clean and protected, and ensure your dressings stay put for as long as they need to.

Non-linting, generously sized, these alcohol-free wipes are a standard part of healthcare or first aid kits. Our wipes' alcohol-free solution is made of 0.2% cetrimide and 0.02% chlorhexidine gluconate.

  •  Sterowipe alcohol-free moist wipes are supplied in a dispenser carton of 100
  •  All our alcohol-free wipes are individually foil-wrapped for hygiene and freshness
  •  Individual sachets are joined in pairs
  •  At 19.5cm x 10cm, our wipes are one of the largest sizes on the market


Sterowipes - Alcohol Free Wipes Pack of 100

SKU: 8021
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