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Reusable Hot & Cold Pack

Representing outstanding value for money, this Reusable Hot & Cold Pack is ideal for providing targeted pain relief.

Suitable for those that partake in regular physical activity, it can be used in the fridge or freezer as a relieving cold compress to tackle bruising or swelling after impact injuries or sprains. It can also be put in the microwave and used warm to soothe and comfort muscular aches and strains. The hot and cold pack is supplied in a strong nylon pouch allowing it to be used on a frequent everyday basis.


Product Specification

  • One Reusable Hot & Cold Pack
  • Provides targeted pain relief
  • Ideal for muscular aches and pains
  • Incredibly cost-effective
  • Suitable for fridge, freezer and microwave
  • Can be used time and time again
  • Length: 230mm (9")
  • Width: 125mm (5")
  • Weight: 250g

Sure Hot & Cold Pack Luxury Reusable

SKU: TH05895
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