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Experience the robust Waterstop PRO Emergency Backpack, designed with advanced Teflon Shield and WaterStop technology for unmatched dirt and liquid resistance. 


The red emergency bag is instantly recognisable, symbolising urgency and medical attention. Its vibrant colour ensures it stands out in crowded or chaotic environments, making it a top choice for general emergency situations where quick visual identification is crucial.


yellow emergency bag is highly visible, even in low light conditions, making it perfect for night-time operations or poorly lit areas. Its bright, attention-grabbing hue is ideal for distinguishing it from other equipment, particularly in complex scenarios.


blue emergency bag is suitable for a variety of settings, from hospitals to corporate environments. The colour can also relate to specific types of medical equipment that are stored in the bag, for easy identification.


Revolutionising emergency response gear with its Teflon Shield and WaterStop technology

Constructed from high-grade 600 denier polyester, it comes in two variants: a durable fabric version and a lightweight, strong PVC-coated version.

This backpack is thoughtfully designed for efficiency and durability. It boasts strong carrying handles, sturdy straps, and a clear front pocket for easy access and visibility. The interior, lined in grey, enhances the visibility of contents, crucial in urgent situations.

Featuring extra strong zip pullers and water-sealing zips, it ensures quick, reliable access in any weather, complemented by reflective tapes for safety in low light. The backpack includes two main compartments, two side pockets (one AED-compatible), and five modular bags with transparent fronts for organised storage.

Sized at 20cm x 40cm x 48cm, it's an ideal choice for first responders in both community and company settings, providing a balance of space and portability. Each bag also has a unique serial number for tracking and identification.

15 Reasons to Choose the Waterstop PRO Emergency Backpack

  • Teflon Shield with WaterStop Technology: Offers unparalleled dirt and liquid repellence, keeping contents dry and protected.
  • Strong Carrying Handles and Sturdy Straps: Ensure comfortable and secure transportation.
  • Transparent Front Pocket: Allows for quick identification of contents.
  • Wipe Clean Material: Easy to maintain and keep hygienic, ideal for any environment.
  • Extra Strong Zip Pullers: Guarantee smooth and fast access, even in urgent situations.
  • Reflective Tapes with Edge Protection: Increases visibility and safety, particularly in low-light environments.
  • Two Divided Main Compartments and Two Side Pockets: Provides ample organised storage space; side pockets suitable for AED.
  • Five Modular Bags with Transparent Fronts: For easy organisation and visibility of smaller items.
  • Velcro Area for Personalisation: Allows for customisation and easy identification.
  • Water-Sealing Zips: Creates a secure, dry, and clean storage environment, especially for moisture-sensitive items like bandages and diagnostic equipment.
  • Reinforced Bottom: Adds durability and longevity to the backpack.
  • Grey Interior: Enhances visibility of contents for quick and easy access.
  • Choice of Two Water and Dust Proof Materials: Built on quality heavy-duty 600 denier polyester, available in fabric or PVC coating for different needs.
  • Ideal Size for First Responders: Measuring 20cm x 40cm x 48cm, it's large enough for essential supplies yet compact for easy handling.
  • Individual Serial Number for Each Bag: Facilitates tracking and identification, adding an extra layer of security.

Who uses the Waterstop PRO Emergency Backpack?

The Waterstop PRO Emergency Backpack is an essential asset for those at the forefront of emergency response. It is ideally suited for:

  • Community First Responders: Offering ample space and organization for critical supplies, this backpack is perfect for responding to emergencies in community settings.
  • Company First Responders: Its robust design and easy-to-clean material make it a reliable choice for workplace emergencies, ensuring quick access to vital equipment.
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs): With its water-repelling and dirt-resistant features, it's ideal for EMTs working in various environments, from urban to rugged outdoor locations.
  • Outdoor Event Medical Staff: Its sturdy construction and weather-resistant qualities make it perfect for use at outdoor events, where quick and organized response is crucial.
  • Adventure and Sports Organisers: Suitable for carrying an AED and other emergency supplies, it's a practical choice for adventure sports and outdoor activity coordinators.

Product Specifications 


Teflon Shield with WaterStop technology


High-strength PVC coating

Water and Dirt Repellence

Dirt and water repellent, suitable for heavy rain

Handles and Straps

Strong carrying handles; Sturdy straps


Extra strong zip pullers; Special zippers for use in rain

Visibility and Safety

Reflective tapes with edge protection; Grey inner lining for better content visibility


Two divided main compartments
Two side pockets (One suitable for AED)
Five modular bags with transparent fronts


Velcro area on front


20cm x 40cm x 48cm


Waterstop PRO Emergency Backpack - PVC

PriceFrom £85.00
Excluding VAT

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